Share Your Story

Raise Your Hand wants to hear your story.

If you have ever experienced a moment of verbal abuse, intimidation or violence as a healthcare worker in the workplace, please tell us about it.

We will never use your words or experiences without your permission. You can submit your story anonymously if you prefer.

NOTE: Anonymous submissions will be assumed to have given permission to share their content.

By gathering stories, Raise Your Hand hopes to gather data and information that will help us in our work to stop violence against healthcare workers. The more details that you can provide, the more data that can be extracted from your story.

When submitting your story, please consider sharing the following details (if possible):

  • Where did the incident occur? EX: Triage, Hallway, Patient Room, Ambulance Bay, RN Station, etc.

  • When did the incident occur? EX: Day, Evening, Night, Weekday, Weekend, Holiday, etc.

  • How did the abuse occur? EX: Verbal Abuse, Stalking, Intimidation, Physical (weapon? fist? hand?), etc.

  • Describe the circumstances leading up to the event.

  • What was the physical location like where the incident occurred? EX: Isolated Area, Poor Lighting, etc.

  • How was the staffing at the time of the event?

  • Were there any outstanding attributes of the assailant? EX: Intoxicated, Impatient, Psychotic, Demented, etc.

  • What were the demographics of the assailant? EX: Male or Female, Age, etc.

  • What was the outcome of the incident? EX: Was there an injury? Were you sent home? Were you seen in the ED?

  • What occurred after the incident? EX: Returned to work immediately? Time off? Pressed charges?

  • What security measures were in place at the time of the incident? EX: Metal detectors, PD on site, alarms, etc.

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